Aircraft Storage and Tie Downs

Yuma International Airport provides parking for all general aviation aircraft with NO parking fees associated. Tie down anchor points are provided throughout the GA ramps, however, tie down ropes/chains are not provided by the airport nor the FBO.

The Airport Authority leases 24 GA aircraft shaded tie downs or "T-shades" and 48 enclosed hangars located on Yuma International Airport.

The "Northwest GA Hangar Facility," is located on South Fortuna Road just off 32nd Street and consists of 5 box hangars and 8 T-hangars with a climate controlled restroom near Hangar 1A.

The Hero Hangars consist of two different sized box hangars and two different sized T-hangars. These newer hangars have epoxy coated flooring in all hangars along with electric opening bi-fold doors, climate controlled restroom facilities and an aircraft wash rack is located south of Hangar A.

The Martha Taylor Hangar Complex is located near Taxiway Z-2 and consists of 4 T-hangars with a climate controlled restroom facility located near hangar F2.

Diagrams of each Hangar facility below contains dimensions of all hangars. You can obtain current pricing by reviewing the minimum standards by clicking here. Information about our waiting list can be found by clicking here.

For hangar availability please call the Property Management team at (928) 726-5882.

Northwest GA Hangar

Northwest GA Hangar - Building 1

Northwest GA Hangar - Building 2

Northwest GA Hangar - Building 3

Hero Hangar

Hero Hangar - Building A

Hero Hangar - Building B

Hero Hangar - Building C

Hero Hangar - Building D

T Shades

Marth Taylor Building

Martha Taylor North Facing Hangars, F-1, F-3, F-5

Martha Taylor South Facing Hangars, F-2, F-4