Pilot Amenities & Events

Yuma International Airport proudly offers airfield users a variety of amenities at no cost including quarterly pilot training and socials for our General Aviation pilots.

General Aviation Socials

In appreciation of our general aviation pilots, Yuma International Airport hosts quarterly socials to discuss upcoming projects and build camaraderie over a delicious meal.

The following events may be subject to change.

  • 12/14/22 – Holiday Social at Brewers Skybox
  • 3/10/23 – Chili Cook-Off behind Quimby Hangar
  • 3/11/23 – MCAS Yuma Airshow
  • 6/21/23 – Social at Million Air
  • 9/20/23 – GA Appreciation Social
  • 12/13/23 – Holiday Social

Aircraft Wash Rack

The Yuma International Airport provides the use of an aircraft wash rack for use by resident aircraft owners. The wash rack facility is located at the south end of Hangar A adjacent Taxiway Z-2. If you experience any problems with the equipment please contact Airport Operations (928) 941-2396.

Pilot's Lounge

The Yuma International Airport offers resident pilots use of the Pilot's Lounge conveniently located at the end of Hangar C. The pilot's lounge is fully furnished with comfortable furniture and equipped with computers and free Wi-Fi making a perfect atmosphere to plan your next travel adventure!

Pilot Safety Training

Yuma International Airport proudly hosts quarterly General Aviation pilot safety training in collaboration with the FAA's FAAST Program and Arizona Pilot's Association Wings Program. Training is held in the airport's conference room from 9:00-12:00. Refreshments are provided. Please register on FAASAFETY.GOV - Registration is open 1 week prior. The following dates have been scheduled and topics are in the works.

  • 01/28/2023
  • 05/27/2023
  • 09/23/2023
  • 01/06/2024